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    About Betsywhite

    But wait. I thought your name was Betsy. So who is this Betsy White anyway?

    Well, it’s actually not a person, it’s a place. Betsywhite® is a tiny little studio with a big passion for fun, colorful design. My name is Gia Graham and I'm the owner/designer. I discovered the word Betsywhite in a dictionary of old Barbadian dialect and it refers to the chirp of a local blackbird. Having been born and raised in Barbados, I heard the whimsical song of those birds every day, and it made me happy. I thought the name was a fitting tribute to my island and the perfect name for this happy little online space.

    My Graphic Design degree has led me in a few different directions over the years. I've done corporate design work, I've styled and art directed photo shoots, I've designed wedding invitations and most recently, I've designed and sold paper + party goods wholesale to stores across the country and internationally. With the arrival of our second kiddo in the summer of 2016, I decided to scale back and slow down. These days, I spend my time designing cute products and filling orders from my home studio when I'm not chasing a four year old or nuzzling a newborn. Life's pretty good.