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When most people think of a brand, they think of the Nike swoosh or the Apple logo... recognizable icons that represent a particular company. Well the same principle that go into a business brand can be applied to something much more personal and fun like a wedding!

The idea is to make your event memorable – to incorporate details which your guest will associate specifically with your wedding. + more info

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Wedding Logos

Wedding logos are our version of a modern wedding monogram, personalized just for you. Choose one of our wedding logo designs which works with your wedding theme, or let the logo determine your wedding style by using it throughout your wedding to tie everything together with one unique symbol.

Your wedding logo can be used on wedding invitations, wedding programs, thank you notes and all other wedding stationery. You can also add that special touch of personalization to your wedding favors with our wedding favor tags and wedding logo stickers… and our wedding logo cocktail napkins are just the thing to make your cocktail hour that much more chic.

These modern monograms can also be used on just about anything you need for your wedding from aisle runners to wedding signs and any do it yourself project you can think of!