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Wedding Soirée Tip No.2

July 28, 2009

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

During my career as a wedding consultant, I have seen my fair share of wedding photographs. Be sure to ask your photographer to show you the ‘detail shots’ of past weddings he/she has photographed because these are the images that will be most important when you look back at your wedding years later. Make sure you get a shot of your DIY favor boxes which caused many sleepless nights, or the guest book, perhaps even your grandmother’s handwriting or her special note.

Make sure these details are captured for your own memories but also keep in  mind that if you want your pictures published in a wedding magazine or on your favorite blog, it’s the stunning detail shots that will make the difference!

Thanks Gail!

I would have to agree – when it comes to weddings, love is definitely in the details. To inspire you, here’s a little roundup of a few lovely wedding details…

By the way, if you missed Gail’s tip last week, click here.

wedding details

Photo Credits:
row 1: Aruna B., Caroline Tran
row 2: Photography By Leah, Justin Bernhaut via Martha Stewart
row 3: Union Photo, Jen Curtis PhotographyJosef Isayo (planning by Bella Weddings & Events, flowers by Flowerwild)

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Wedding Soirée Tip No.1

July 21, 2009

Wedding tips by Wedding Soiree

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

wedding planning tips: the budget

When planning your wedding, there should always be a budget – or at the very least, a number which will serve as a starting point. There is an old saying: “if you don’t know where you are going – no road will take you there.” The same holds true for the wedding budget.

The budget should be the first item on your to-do list before you book the venue or any vendors.  It is the roadmap to guide you to the best vendors in your price range. The rule of thumb should always be to set your sights on coming in under budget.

One thing to be aware of: a spiraling guest count can easily drain your wedding budget. It’s really important to keep your guest list under control!

Thanks Gail!

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Guest Blogger: Gail Johnson of Wedding Soirée

July 14, 2009

We’ve got a new guest blogger who will be joining us for the next few weeks…meet Gail Johnson!

Atlanta Wedding Planner: Wedding Soiree

Gail co-owns Wedding Soirée, a vibrant wedding consultant practice in the Atlanta. Her goal is to approach weddings with vigor and creativity and her inherent qualities of being a patient observer and a great listener make her a pleasure to work with. Her love for weddings started at an early age and the love affair continues which each couple she meets.

Over the next several weeks, Gail will be sharing a few great tips from a planner’s perspective. Meanwhile, be sure to check out her website and blog for a little insight into Wedding Soirée’s world.

(All photos courtesy of Wedding Soirée)

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Quick Tip: Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

January 30, 2009

So what’s the difference between an Escort Card and a Place Card anyway?
Escort cards are displayed at the entrance of the reception to help your guests find their table. The bride and groom’s name and the date (or some other motif) are usually printed on top of the card. The guest’s name and table number should be handwritten on the card. Once your guests arrive at their table, they can choose their own seat.

If you would like to have everyone assigned a particular seat at the table, you may wish to order place cards also. Place cards display the guest’s name only and are positioned at the place setting where you want that guest to sit. The bride and groom’s names and date or other motif can be printed at the top of this card also. Again, the guest’s name would need to be handwritten on the card.