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Wedding Inspiration

The Peach State

October 5, 2009

I think it’s safe to say that the color Peach is making a comeback. This shade used to conjure up images of bad 80’s bridesmaid dresses (for me anyway) but recently, it seems to be taking on a new life. This modern version of Peach is more like Coral‘s soft, lovely cousin rather than the outdated pastel of the past. I have to say, I’m diggin’ Peach’s new look… especially when used with a slightly vintage style.

Since Georgia is ‘The Peach State’, it’s only fitting that this sweet, vintage-inspired wedding would take place somewhere in Savannah…

Featured Design: Anna Beth wedding invitation

Georgia Peach Wedding

Photo Credits:
row 1: Sean Walker Photography via Style Me Pretty (styling by Carter and Cook)
row 2: J. CrewSean Walker Photography via Style Me Pretty, Amorology
row 3: Lisa Lefkowitz, Rinne Allen via Once Wed
row 4: Sean Walker Photography, Cori Kindred, Aruna B. Photography

Wedding Inspiration

Old Plantation House

August 17, 2009

I had a really good mango the other day which is a rarity since good mangoes are hard to find in the US. It made me think of home (Barbados) and all the flavors, colors, scents and sounds of the West Indies: fresh fruit, colorful flowers year-round, warm sun and cool breezes.

There’s definitely more to the Caribbean than beaches and palm trees. Rather than the typical island wedding, I figured I would share another side of island style. In this case, an elegant wedding in the lush gardens of an old plantation house.

Featured Design: Ameera wedding invitation

island wedding - tropical style

Photo Credits:
row 1: Tina Rupp, Leigh Miller
row 2: J. Crew, Chris Court via Wedding Style Guide, Martha Stewart
row 3: Alexandra Grablewski, Veer, Brides UK
row 4: Veer, Lisa Lefkowitz

Wedding Inspiration

Old World Vintage

June 1, 2009

Even if getting married in an ancient city like Rome is out of the question (and the budget), recreating that old world feeling is still possible. Have a banquet-style feast at one long table, place flowers in mercury glass vessels and incorporate stone statues into the decór…

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old world wedding

Photo Credits:
row 1: Stephanie Williams Photography, Corbin Gurkin
row 2: Martha StewartCorbin Gurkin
row 3: Elizabeth Messina, Tec Petaja
row 4: Elizabeth Messina, Artfool

Wedding Inspiration

Party at the Polo Estate

May 26, 2009

Wouldn’t an afternoon wedding at a polo estate be lovely? The decor could include floral wreaths, horseshoes, colorful prize ribbons and floral centerpieces in trophy cups rather than vases. Guests would shade themselves with big floppy hats and parasols…and who could resist a portrait session with a stunning white horse!

Featured Design: Love Logo #4 wedding invitation

polo estate wedding, equestrian wedding style

Photo Credits:
row 1: Anna Kuperberg, Michelle Rago, Punam Bean
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row 3: Meg Smith Photography, J. Crew, Meg Smith Photography
row 4: MeredithDavenport for Christian Oth Studio via Snippet & Ink, Martha Stewart
row 5: Rebecca Thuss, Stone Blue Productions