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Invite Assembly: Part 1

February 22, 2010

Happy Monday everyone! This week I’ll be doing a mini series with a few helpful tips on assembling your invitations. First up:


One question brides often have for us at betsywhite is how they should stuff their envelopes – What order should the items go in? Should the invitation face the flap or the front of the envelope? These are all very good questions, especially since invitation suites can include multiple cards along with the invitation, such as response cards, reception cards, directions, etc. Here’s a little visual guide to help answer those questions.

Let’s demonstrate with an average suite which includes an invitation with double envelopes, a response set and enclosure card:

wedding invitations: how to stuff your envelopes

After receiving your invitations, the first thing you will need to do is address the invitation envelopes. The recipient’s name and address is written on the outer envelope (which has glue on the flap for sealing), while just the names are written on the inner envelope. For more detailed information on envelope addressing, take a look here and here. To make life easier for your guests, you should also add stamps to the pre-addressed response envelopes:

how to stuff invitation envelopes

Once the envelopes are addressed and ready for stuffing, compile the various stationery elements. The cards should be arranged by size, from the largest to the smallest. For this suite, the cards were placed in this order:

1. The invitation, which is the largest card sits at the bottom of the stack
2. The response card and pre-printed response envelope should be paired together
3. The response card should be tucked under its envelope’s flap, turned vertically, then placed on top of the invitation
4. The enclosure card should also be turned vertically then placed at the top of the stack

Next, insert the stack of cards into the inner envelope with the text facing up towards the flap so the design is visible when the inner envelope is first opened:

stuffing invitation envelopes

Place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope. Make sure the names on the inner envelope face up towards the flap so the writing is visible when the outer envelope is opened:

The last thing to do is visit the post office with one of the fully assembled sets to determine how much postage is needed. Depending on the size, shape (square envelopes require more postage) and number of inserts, the postage needed could vary quite a bit. Add your postage and that’s it!

I hope this helps!

Of course, all invitations are not the standard rectangle shape. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about unique sizes.