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Peach Blossom, Terra Cotta and Royal

This funky combination is soft yet playful thanks to the pop of blue – perfect for a modern wedding that doesn't take itself too seriously... ~laura Photo Credits: Row 1: Unknown | Shop Bop Row 2: Shannon Lee Images via Style Me Pretty Row 3: Minelli via Punky-B | Nine Cakes

Color Coded: Pumpkin

With fall coming why not spice it up with a little pumpkin? This bright orange color is a favorite for the season! -caitlin Photo Credits: column 1: Vase and Flowers via ApartmentTherapy | Couch via DesignSponge column 2: Dress via Blogspot | Vintage Phone via SimonLaw

Tomato, Butter, Honeydew and Stone

This palette has such a warm tropical vibe, even with touches of the cooler Stone hue... ~laura Photo Credits: Row 1: Emily Scanell Photography via Style Me Pretty | ShopBop Row 2: Sara D. Harper via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Diamond in the Rough Row 3: CCA Design | Lasunka

Crimson, Mustard, Cornflower and Orchid

This bold palette packs a lot of color, and would be lovely in any season... ~laura Photo Credits:  Row 1: ShopBop | Fabric & Handle Row 2: All the Precious Things Row 3: My Baking Addiction | Anthropologie