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Classic Style: Calligraphy

March 14, 2011

Before I was even engaged, my mom always told me she would be the one to address my wedding invitations in her beautiful calligraphy. Now, I’m mailing my invitations and feeling so lucky that my own mother has the ability to do such a beautiful and classic art!

Calligraphy dates back to ancient times, and now it is seen in many aspects of modern weddings, going beyond the standard invitations. It can be incorporated in non-traditional ways like in wedding signs, place cards, even your cake and favors!

But although beautiful and classic, getting every invitation hand-addressed can be costly, leading many brides to seek other options. If it’s out of your budget, try incorporating calligraphy into other parts of your wedding like hiring a calligrapher to only copy your vows or even mimicking the look with a calligraphy return address stamp like the one I found from Emilie friday, featured above.

However you do it, calligraphy can be a classic addition to any wedding element, and offers a lot of room to be creative!

– meghan

Photo Credits:
row 1: Martha Stewart Weddings | Katie Stoops via delightfully engaged
row 2: Emilie friday | Martha Stewart Weddings

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Color Coded: Blushing Peach

March 7, 2011

Whenever I hear the words “peach” and “wedding” together, I immediately think of poofy-sleeved bridesmaids dresses circa 1980. But actually, it has become one of my favorite wedding colors. Maybe it’s because I dream of swimming in English garden roses, which tend to favor this particular shade of peach, but to me, there is nothing more soft and romantic.


Photo Credits:
row 1: Amanda Wilcher via Style Me Pretty
row 2: ferlies via etsy |  Lisa Lefkowitz via Junebug Weddings