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Invitation Inspiration: A Woodland Feel

September 21, 2009

Happy Monday everyone!

I thought I would start the week off with another peek at the thought process behind the design.

When working on the Love Logo #14 suite, I knew I wanted to design an invitation with a woodland feeling…this is what I was inspired by:

invitation inspiration: a woodland feel

You’ve already seen how well the logo was used in this wedding… well this is how our Love Logo #14 invitation turned out:

Photo Credits:
row 1: My Fonts, wildlifephoto.net
row 2: Martha Stewart, Bruce M Walker via Flickr
row 3: Kirin Notebook, Joe Leavenworth

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Invitation Inspiration: Vintage Lace

August 13, 2009

Since we’re in the midst of European Wedding Week, I figured I would share the inspiration board I created for the Olivia invitation since it has a European feel. In this case, I wanted to create an elegant and classic design inspired by the delicate patterns of lace. These are the kinds of images I found inspiring:

invitation inspiration: vintage lace

The result was the Olivia wedding invitation. Here’s what it looks like:

vintage lace wedding invitation

Photo Credits:
row 1: brocantegirl on Flickr, Martha Stewart
row 2: image via Tiara Inc, Behance Network
row 3: My Fonts, decor8 on Flickr

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Invitation Inspiration: Hawaii

August 5, 2009

I am sometimes asked what inspires my invitation designs. Well, it just depends. Sometimes I get an image in my mind of what I want a design to look like, sometimes I have an idea of the ‘feeling’ I want to convey then I figure out the details once I start the design process. Sometimes it’s a font that inspires me, or a single image. Just like with planning a wedding, it’s always helpful to pull the ideas together in an inspiration board to help me focus.

A couple weeks ago, I shared some of my invitation inspiration with Leila over at Inspired by This and I figured I would do the same right here on Flights of Fancy.

When designing the Alani wedding invitation, I wanted to convey the feeling of the tropics without using an obvious island motif. I was really inspired by Hawaiian style:

invitation inspiration: hawaii

Here’s how the invitation turned out:

destination wedding invitation

Photo Credits:
row 1: Jupiter Images, floral print image via Print and Pattern
row 2: Letter “T” by Jeanie NelsonJupiter Images
row 3: Hamoa Beach image via RandomSpace