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I Fancy That

Glamorous Graffiti

January 15, 2013

During my recent trip to Australia, I was introduced to an amazing world of graffiti. I couldn’t believe the beautiful colors and forms that just tiny cans of spray paint could create. When standing in awe on Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, I noticed a lovely bride and groom taking photos. They were definitely my inspiration for this glamorous graffiti post! I hope you fancy it as much as I do!


Fancy This: Graffiti Weddings

Photo Credits:
row 1: Harvard Wang | 500px
row 2: Kip Beelman Photography

I Fancy That

Piqued My Pinterest: Brown Paper Packages…

December 6, 2011

… tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite giftwrap ideas spotted on Pinterest. Enjoy!

– gia

Photo Credits:
row 1: Attik 72, pinned here | Glinting Arrows Wrapping paper from Anthropologie, pinned here
row 2: Baker’s Twine from Anthropologie, pinned here | recycled gift wrap from a creative mint, pinned here | hand drawn gift wrap tutorial, pinned here
row 3: parcel found on Paper n Stitch, pinned here | jute twine from 464Handmade, pinned here