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Wedding Inspiration

Formal Fall Garden

November 2, 2009

Here in the South, the weather stays nice pretty late into the Fall which makes it feasible to have an outdoor wedding even in early November. I actually went to a friend’s wedding around this time last year (November 1st, to be exact) and it was 72 degrees – just perfect for their lakeside ceremony.

If you’re in the South, I think a wedding in a formal garden, filled with sculpted evergreens, stone statues and architectural details would be lovely and unexpected for a Fall wedding.

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Formal Garden Wedding

Photo Credits:
row 1: Victor Sizemore Photography
row 2: J. Crew | Martha Stewart | Lisa Lefkowitz
row 3: Lisa Lefkowitz | Anna Kuperberg
row 4: Stephanie Williams for Utterly Engaged | Leigh Miller | Elizabeth Messina

Wedding Inspiration

Old Plantation House

August 17, 2009

I had a really good mango the other day which is a rarity since good mangoes are hard to find in the US. It made me think of home (Barbados) and all the flavors, colors, scents and sounds of the West Indies: fresh fruit, colorful flowers year-round, warm sun and cool breezes.

There’s definitely more to the Caribbean than beaches and palm trees. Rather than the typical island wedding, I figured I would share another side of island style. In this case, an elegant wedding in the lush gardens of an old plantation house.

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island wedding - tropical style

Photo Credits:
row 1: Tina Rupp, Leigh Miller
row 2: J. Crew, Chris Court via Wedding Style Guide, Martha Stewart
row 3: Alexandra Grablewski, Veer, Brides UK
row 4: Veer, Lisa Lefkowitz

Wedding Inspiration

Old World Vintage

June 1, 2009

Even if getting married in an ancient city like Rome is out of the question (and the budget), recreating that old world feeling is still possible. Have a banquet-style feast at one long table, place flowers in mercury glass vessels and incorporate stone statues into the decór…

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old world wedding

Photo Credits:
row 1: Stephanie Williams Photography, Corbin Gurkin
row 2: Martha StewartCorbin Gurkin
row 3: Elizabeth Messina, Tec Petaja
row 4: Elizabeth Messina, Artfool