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Color Coded: Sky

This shade of light blue is one of my absolute favorite colors. It's such a charming and inviting hue, no wonder adding "something blue" is so popular...it looks amazing on every palette! –meredith Photo Credits: Left Column: Cupcake wrapper via How Divine | Vintage car via Heritage Wedding Cars Co. Right Column: Dress via ...

Color Coded: Peach

The fruit may be seasonal, but this pretty peach hue always looks fresh! Because of its not-too-pink and not-too-neutral hue, peach is the perfect pastel to transition you into March. -meredith Photo Credits: Row 1: Flowers Jane & Haglund Photography via Frosted Petticoat Blog | Shorts and tank via Sabo Skirt Row 2: Nails via ...

Color Coded: Gilded

Adding a bit of gold makes anything mundane instantly glamorous! The gilded look adds a touch of elegance to any decor or outfit. –meredith Photo Credits: left column: Tablescape via Wedding Chicks | right column, top: Jen Huang photography | right column, bottom: Forevercandid Photography via Wedding Chicks

Color Coded: Steel Blue

This industrial-looking blue can be used to create an aura of sophistication. I love how it stands out elegantly even when paired with another equally  bold color, making it both versatile and visually calming. – meredith Photo Credits: Left to right: Entryway via Donald Lococo Architechure | Lemons by Kevin Balluff via Creature ...
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