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Color Coded: Wine

This deep, dark burgundy is perfect for an outdoor fall wedding. I think it looks great paired with neutrals like white or ivory. Very chic! -caitlin Photo Credits: row 1: Dress via RoylatyLove | Cupcakes via Blogspot row 2: YSL Pumps via Tumblr | ALDO Purse via MontrealInFashion

Color Coded: Orchid

Orchid is such a sophisticated shade... it's not quite pink, it's not quite purple, it’s not too bright and not too dull. It's perfect, really. -caitlin Photo Credits: left: Maggie Austin Cake right Mantas Wright Photography via StyleMePretty

Color Coded: Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is a great color for weddings, and has always been quite popular. Since it's a dark hue you may think it's a winter color, but I think midnight blue can work just as well for a summer wedding – especially one with a nautical theme. -caitlin Photo Credits: column 1: Table ...

Color Coded: Mustard

Today we are revisiting the color Mustard because it's such a classic! With Fall coming our way I've had the color Mustard in mind... it's such a bold, sophisticated color that adds a great touch to any outfit or decor. -caitlin Photo Credits: row 1: Headboard via HomeStyleDiary | Dress via SocialBliss row 2: ...