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Big Bright Eyes + Sweet Chunky Thighs

April 16, 2016

Oh baby! This sweet little print is perfect for anyone who knows all about the joy that big bright eyes and sweet chunky thighs can bring! Display it in your nursery, at your baby shower, or give it as a gift… The possibilities and cuteness are endless.

Featured Product: Chunky Thighs (Aqua) Art Print


Photo Credits:
row 1: Betsywhite Stationery | Baby Swag
row 2: The Cilantropist | Tuck and Bonte

Featured Products

Paths To Parenthood Cards

April 2, 2016


At the beginning of every year when I launch new products, I include a small group of items based on a common theme or a single source of inspiration. This year’s capsule collection holds a very special place in my heart.

Many years ago, after a very complicated and ultimately unsuccessful pregnancy, my husband and I decided to look into gestational surrogacy because, in layman’s terms, we needed to borrow a reliable oven to bake our bun. After an extensive search and a few bumps in the road, we found a great match and our son was delivered by an amazing gestational surrogate who, I’m happy to say, still remains a good friend of ours to this day!


I quickly realized that there are very few options for sending an appropriate note or relevant thank you to the many people involved in this kind of process (doctors, lawyers, counselors, oh my!) so, I decided to change that. With infertility clinics, surrogacy agencies and adoption agencies across the country serving hundreds of thousands of clients every year it has become common knowledge that ‘baby making ain’t always easy’ so I wanted to create a line of heartfelt cards for those on an adventurous path to parenthood.


I’m sure there are many of you who have walked similar paths and for those of you still in the thick of it, just know that you’re not alone!


p.s. All cards are available right here in our shop.