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Guest Blogger: Gail Johnson of Wedding Soirée

July 14, 2009

We’ve got a new guest blogger who will be joining us for the next few weeks…meet Gail Johnson!

Atlanta Wedding Planner: Wedding Soiree

Gail co-owns Wedding Soirée, a vibrant wedding consultant practice in the Atlanta. Her goal is to approach weddings with vigor and creativity and her inherent qualities of being a patient observer and a great listener make her a pleasure to work with. Her love for weddings started at an early age and the love affair continues which each couple she meets.

Over the next several weeks, Gail will be sharing a few great tips from a planner’s perspective. Meanwhile, be sure to check out her website and blog for a little insight into Wedding Soirée’s world.

(All photos courtesy of Wedding Soirée)

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Tips and Tidbits / Vendor Love

Guest Blogger: Nancy Liu Chin

June 2, 2009

I am so delighted to announce our first guest blogger: Nancy Liu Chin!

san fransisco florist Nancy Liu Chin

Nancy is the talented designer behind the San Francisco-based floral design studio: Nancy Liu Chin Designs. Nancy is as fun, energetic and bubbly as her floral designs are beautiful and it has been such a pleasure chatting with her over the past several weeks.

Aside from running a successful floral design studio, Nancy is also a contributor to the Pink Blossom List, a great new collaborative wedding blog and resource and this November, she will also debut the Wedding Floral Academy, an amazing new workshop where she will share her tips, tricks and business advice for budding florists. If that’s not enough, you can also find her guest blogging on Wedding Bee Pro.

wedding flowers by Nancy Liu Chin

Needless to say, we’re more than thrilled to have Nancy join us here on Flights of Fancy! Nancy will be guest blogging with us every Tuesday this month so be sure to look out for her advice an insights.

If you’re not familiar with her work, you definitely must check out her website and visit her blog.

Photo Credits:
First Group
portrait by Arrowood Photography, boutonniere photo by Michelle Walker Photography

Second Group
row 1:  Lisa Lefkowitz, compliments Nancy Liu Chin
row 2: Ken Buck PhotographyWeeks Photography

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UPDATE: Quick links to all of Nancy’s guest posts can be found below:
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Vendor Love

Twigs and Honey

April 16, 2009

New find!…well, new to us anyway. I just discovered Twigs & Honey (via Twig & Thistle, another daily read…no relation). Aren’t these just the most beautiful accessories?! Completely swoon worthy…

Owner and designer Myra Callan makes hair pins, headbands, jewelry, belts and boutonnieres. She even designs and makes the most amazing outfits for herself! Very talented indeed. Now all I need is a good excuse to wear one of these hair accessories every day for the rest of my life…

Be sure to check out the Twigs & Honey website to shop online and visit the blog for more gorgeous images.

(Photos via Twigs & Honey)

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Photography Week X: Leigh Miller

April 10, 2009

Last (but certainly not least!), I’d like you all to meet Leigh Miller…

phone: 619-913-0913

Do you shoot digital or film?
i shoot mostly digital, although lately i’ve been taking an old brownie camera and a holga to weddings with me. it’s been great and i love the results.

How would you describe your style?
i think of my style as being organic. my approach to shooting weddings, or anything really, is to capture a moment – tell a story – document things as they unfold. so i would say documentary, if i had to give you one word. that being said, i think it’s important to not worry too much about labels and just look for a photographer whose work you are drawn to and love.

Do you shoot alone or do you usually have an assistant?
there are always two of us. i can’t be two places at once. not yet anyway…and having a great ‘second’ along frees me up to be more creative.

How soon after the wedding can your clients see photos?

about 4 weeks.

Do you provide an online proof gallery where clients can preview the photos?
yes. it’s great because they can also share that gallery with friends and family if they’d like.

Will you accept a job in another state or country?
of course! a huge part of my business is destination weddings. last year i shot 13 weddings that i had to get on a plane for! this year i have weddings all over the US and my first wedding in italy. so excited!

How did you get started as a photographer?
my path to becoming a photographer was not typical. i actually went to school to be a therapist and have a masters in clinical social work. i worked for years in the areas of foster care and adoption, domestic violence and child abuse. i always have loved taking pictures. i think my dad gave me my first camera when i was about 10. in 2004, on a whim, i decided to take an intro to photography class. i was studying for a photography test during a chemical dependency training and the gal next to me had her wedding planning notebook out, planning her wedding! we began talking, one thing led to another and i ended up shooting her wedding. my first ever. in the spring of 2005 i shot my second wedding and by the fall of 2005 i was busy enough with photography work i had to make a decision, i couldn’t maintain two jobs any longer. so i went with photography! i’ve always felt my history as a therapist was a great prelude to this career. all that crisis management and understanding of relationships and family dynamics comes in pretty handy.

Aside from weddings, what’s your favorite thing to photograph?
everyday life. the ordinary.

What do you like most about being a wedding photographer?
it really is the relationship i have with my couples. i know every photographer thinks they have the best couples but i KNOW it. i love telling the story of their wedding day. it thrills me every time.

1. i remember planning my own wedding not that long ago, it was overwhelming at first. make a list and tackle one thing at a time. it makes it much easier.

2. i know i’m biased but when its over all you have is the guy and the photography. choose both wisely 😉

3. have fun on the wedding day! don’t stress about the small stuff. when the day is over you two will be married and that’s the most important thing of all.

Thanks for sharing your work Leigh! What a great way to end the week!

Be sure to visit Leigh’s website and blog to see more of her stunning photos.