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Tips and Tidbits

DIY Download: Mr. and Mrs. Note Card

November 29, 2010

Happy Monday! Did you all enjoy the holiday weekend? Hope so!

In case you missed it, we introduced our latest DIY Download over on Ruffled on Friday. I have to admit, this is one of my favorites. I think it’s so chic! (I know it’s a little wrong to be in love with your own design but I can’t help it).

Anyway, most of my recent downloads have featured soft, sweet palettes so I’ve decided to go a bit bolder this time. There’s no denying the elegance of classic black and white… this simple combination can be so elegant. Here’s a little inspiration to illustrate my point:

wedding inspiration

And now, here’s a note card designed especially for the new “Mr. and Mrs.”!

free diy download

Need a little more color? Well, you’re in luck – there are two bonus palettes included in the download. If you’re a Facebook fan, you’re even luckier. There’s an exclusive download for Facebook fans with six additional color combinations (yes, SIX!!). Click here to “like” us on Facebook for access to the additional palettes!


Download Mr. and Mrs. Thank You Note

Photo Credits:
row 1: Docuvitae Photography via Style Me Pretty
row 2: J. Crew | Heather Waraksa via 100 Layer Cake
row 3: Studio 28 Photo via JL Designs

Tips and Tidbits

DIY Download: Festive Garland

November 22, 2010

As I mentioned last month, Becca will be sharing a few DIY projects here on Flights of Fancy during her internship. If you’re planning a little Thanksgiving Soirée this Thursday, this download will be a perfect fit. Enjoy!

– – –

craft idea: thanksgiving garland

Decorating for the holidays can seem overwhelming at times, but this simple DIY garland will add some festivity to your holiday without all the fuss!  I live in a super tiny studio apartment with my husband, and this garland was perfect for our small space: festive, but restrained; simple, but effective.  Would you like one for your home too?

This Thanksgiving garland can easily be adapted for any holiday or celebration by switching out the message and adding different decorative elements (think: hearts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas trees for Christmas, stars for Hanukkah, or bells for a wedding).  Download the complete alphabet set to create your own custom garland!

Here’s the full how-to:

craft tools

Tools: Shown above – (A) Cardstock in any color or pattern  (B) 1/4″ Rectangular hand punch  (C) 1/4″ Ribbon in any color   (D) Scissors

Step 1: Download the DIY garland template and print out the necessary letters for your garland.

Step 2: Cut out letters along the solid black lines.  You could also use a 3″ circle punch if available.

Step 3: Use 1/4″ rectangular hand punch to punch two rectangular slits along the two lines at the top of the circle.  If you do not have a punch on hand, you could also use an X-acto knife to cut the slits.  Using an X-acto knife instead of a punch will make threading the ribbon slightly more difficult, however.

Step 4: Starting with the last letter in your message, thread the ribbon up through the right slit and down through the left slit.  Continue adding letters from the end of your message to the beginning. Space out the letters evenly along the ribbon.

craft idea: thanksgiving garland

And that’s it!  Now wasn’t that easy? Now you’re ready at a moment’s notice for any party or celebration!

I’ve created two sets of downloads for you – one alphabet set in a more casual font, and the other alphabet set in a more elegant, fancy font.  By switching up the font, color of paper, color of ribbon, or decorative elements, you could adapt these garlands to fit any celebration!

Happy crafting – and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

– Becca

– – –

Click below to download…

Download Festive Garland

Tips and Tidbits

DIY Download: Ribbon Wands

October 29, 2010

If you’ve ever checked out Becca’s blog lavender’s blue, then you already know she creates the cutest DIY projects. As part of her internship, Becca will be sharing a few DIY projects here on Flights of Fancy as well and here’s the first. Happy crafting!

– – –

Add a whimsical touch to your next celebration with ribbon wands!  These ribbon wands are so easy to make and can be used for weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties…the possibilities are endless.  Instead of rice, bird seed, or sparklers, think about using these for your next send-off.  Use ribbons that coordinate with your event colors to tie everything together and to add that perfect splash of color.

Here’s how to make them!

Tools: Shown above: (A) Cutting mat  (B) Ruler  (C) X-acto knife or box cutter  (D) Scissors  (E) Glue stick  (F) Ribbon  (G) Extra long lollipop sticks (can be found at Michaels in the baking section) (H) Fray Check (found at Joann or other fabric/sewing store) (I) Hot glue gun  (J) DIY Ribbon Wand Template

Step 1: Download free DIY ribbon template (see the download link at the end of this post), print out, and trim tags following the solid lines.

Step 2: Measure and cut ribbons to 19″ lengths.

Step 3: Place a dot of hot glue on the edge of a ribbon and attach to the end of a lollipop stick.

Step 4: Place another dot of hot glue on the inner edge of ribbon to completely wrap the lollipop stick.

Step 5: Place glue onto ribbon tag.

Step 6: Center and wrap tag onto lollipop stick, about 1/2″ from the ribbon.  Be sure the tag is facing the same direction as the ribbon.

Step 7: Press tag firmly around stick to prevent tag from sliding down.

Step 8: To prevent ribbons from fraying, add a small line of Fray Check to the end of the ribbon.

Display ribbon wands in a jar or vase and enjoy!

If you’re feeling like getting a little fancier, you can also add multiple ribbons to a stick in varying colors, widths, or even lengths.  If you’re using multiple ribbons, it’s fun to alternate the sides that the ribbons face to add a little extra interest.

I’ve created a downloadable template in three different colorways, each with 3 different well-wishes.   Pick your favorite color and happy crafting!

– Becca

Click below to download… enjoy!

Download Ribbon Wands

Tips and Tidbits

L.A. Printer’s Fair

September 17, 2010

Happy Friday peeps!

This one’s for all you typophiles, paperphiles and letterpress lovers. If you’re in L.A. next weekend, you should definitely check out the L.A. Printer’s Fair. There will be printmaking demos, gallery tours and a huge swap meet if you’re interested in picking up a few letterpress goodies. Wish I could be there.

For you lucky west coasters, the fair will be held on Saturday, September 25 from 9 am to 5 pm… check out this site for more info.

Have a great weekend everyone!