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Change Is Good

February 8, 2016

Change Is Good

Hellooo internet! I feel like I’ve been away from the blog for an eternity. It has been 19 months since I wrote my last post… which, I suppose in internet years actually is an eternity. Thanks goodness for Candice who has been holding down the fort in my absence! This year my goal is to be more present in this space. I doubt I’ll be posting every week but I do want to share a bit more of what’s been happening behind the scenes of this small biz.

So much has changed since that last post I wrote back in June of 2014. Things have been a bit of a whirlwind since launching my wholesale line at the National Stationery Show that year and I’ve learned so much and made so many new discoveries along the way. I absolutely love the creative freedom of designing new products and this newfound freedom has sparked the biggest change I think I’ll make in 2016: I’ve decided to discontinue my wedding invitation line as of this Spring. I will continue to carry non-personalized wedding accessories (like cocktail napkins) but wedding stationery will no longer be available as of August 1, 2016.

I’ve been designing wedding invitations for just over 10 years and it has been wonderful to share a tiny part in so many couples’ lives over the past decade but it’s time for change. As my personal interests have shifted, I think it’s a natural evolution for my business interests to shift as well and the great thing about being a small business is having the flexibility to pivot.

I have a head full of projects and ideas I’d like to explore this year and I’m so excited about all the possibilities! Although remaining on the same path can be comfortable (in both life and in business), growth does not often occur within that comfort zone. Change is necessary, change is good… and I’m ready to embrace it.



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The National Stationery Show

June 2, 2014

National Stationery Show 2014 - Mailer

Hello All! It has been quite some time since I’ve written on this little blog of mine… to say I’ve been busy would be an understatement. I’m so grateful to Candice and Aimee for holding down the fort with their inspiring posts!

I’ve got so many exciting things planned for Betsywhite Stationery and I can’t wait to share them all but first, I thought I’d fill you in on what has kept me the most busy over the past 8 months. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that a couple weeks ago, I made my debut at the National Stationery Show with a brand new line of wholesale paper goods!

Last summer, I made the decision to expand my line of stationery beyond weddings and to add a collection of ‘everyday’ goodies like note pads, notebooks, greeting cards and art prints. That germ of an idea floated around in my head for several months but it didn’t really start to take shape until I attended Tradeshow Bootcamp’s Paper Camp in Washington DC last October. (Side Note: Paper Camp was one of the best business decisions/investments I’ve ever made. I can’t speak highly enough about Katie, the Tradeshow Bootcamp crew and the incredible community of sweet, supportive designers!!) The feedback and sound advice I received at Paper Camp really helped me to focus my ideas and build a solid plan for my wholesale collection. When I returned from DC, I spent three solid months creating and fine-tuning over 100 new designs. Once my designs were done and products printed, I spent February thru April planning for the show, which was a bit of a challenge since those months are also the peek of wedding season for stationers so I was also busy designing wedding invitations for lots of beautiful Betsywhite Brides.

Somehow, I managed to make it work and on May 18, 2014 I introduced a brand new side of Betsywhite Stationery at the Javits Center in New York. I could probably write 5 in-depth posts about the journey and the process but I figured I’d show you lots (and lots) of pics instead. Here’s a photo journal of the adventure…

The image at the top of the post is a peek at the mailers I sent to retailers before the show.

National Stationery Show 2014 - Setup Day 1

IMAGES ABOVE: SETUP DAY 1 // The Javits in all its glory  //  My 500 lb. pallet was waiting in my booth when we arrived  //  Zip-tying extension cords to the pipe & drape behind my booth walls  //  Building furniture  //  Lunch break… we picked up sandwiches and snacks from Brooklyn Fare (on 37th Street) every day  //  Surrounded by chaos  //  Installing vinyl signage on the walls

National Stationery Show 2014 - Setup Day 2

IMAGES ABOVE: SETUP DAY 2  //  Running errands before heading back to the Javits  //  Back to booth setup… getting polka dots on the walls  //  Finalizing product display  //  Quick bite… picked up a couple (rather pricey) sandwiches from Dean & Deluca which was around the corner from our hotel  //  Adding stickers & inserts to catalogs  //  A tower of empty boxes

National Stationery Show 2014 - The Booth

IMAGES ABOVE: THE BOOTH!  //  First day of the show  //  I had a bird thing going on so we wore Betsywhite bird pins and there was a tiny little flock gathered around our giveaway goodies (polka dot pencils and more bird pins)  //  Tulips are my absolute favorites… lucked out and found these beauties the day before the show  //  Mail Flair (fun stickers to make your envelopes fancy)… one of my favorite products in the new line. Shown here with gorgeous calligraphy by Anne Elser  //  More new products: birthday cards, notebooks and note pads

National Stationery Show 2014 - The People

IMAGES ABOVE: THE PEOPLE  //  I could not have done the show without my dear friend Angela who took a week out of her life to help me with this colossal task  //  After working together remotely for 3+ years, I finally got to meet Laura (our former Color Queen) in person! As a Flights of Fancy contributor, Laura has created more than 100 gorgeous color palettes for this blog and now has her own line of beautiful stationery. So proud of her!   //   Chatting with buyers in the booth  //  Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper (and her cute baby bump) taking photos for her blog  //  Fellow exhibitors and super talented designers Bambs (one of my Paper Camp homies) and Queenie (who I ‘met’ on Instagram)  //  One last pic with Angela at the end of the show!

There it is! The entire trip in a photographic nutshell. Exhibiting at a tradeshow can be overwhelming, exhausting and extremely expensive but it’s also exhilarating, enlightening and it pushes you creatively in ways you’d never expect. I’m so grateful for every order I wrote and all the wonderful people I met. I also want to say a big thank you to those who featured my work before, during and after the show…

The Paper Chronicles, Urbanic and Shindig Paperie for sharing my pre-show mailer.
An Earnest Journey for a lovely pre-show feature.
Oh So Beautiful Paper, Celebrations.comAilee, Green Fingerprint and Crumple and Toss for featuring my booth!

Our new products will be available in retail stores and in our own online shop very soon and I’m looking forward to sharing details of all the new products with you!!


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Invitation Inspiration: Hawaii

August 5, 2009

I am sometimes asked what inspires my invitation designs. Well, it just depends. Sometimes I get an image in my mind of what I want a design to look like, sometimes I have an idea of the ‘feeling’ I want to convey then I figure out the details once I start the design process. Sometimes it’s a font that inspires me, or a single image. Just like with planning a wedding, it’s always helpful to pull the ideas together in an inspiration board to help me focus.

A couple weeks ago, I shared some of my invitation inspiration with Leila over at Inspired by This and I figured I would do the same right here on Flights of Fancy.

When designing the Alani wedding invitation, I wanted to convey the feeling of the tropics without using an obvious island motif. I was really inspired by Hawaiian style:

invitation inspiration: hawaii

Here’s how the invitation turned out:

destination wedding invitation

Photo Credits:
row 1: Jupiter Images, floral print image via Print and Pattern
row 2: Letter “T” by Jeanie NelsonJupiter Images
row 3: Hamoa Beach image via RandomSpace