Betsywhite Stationery is a little studio with a big passion for design and happy customers. We design and sell gifts and paper goods with modern charm and our products can be found in our online store or in hundreds of local shops around the country (and a few abroad!). Flights of Fancy is where we share insights, inspiration and all the things that strike our fancy.


Editor/Founder: Gia Graham
Role at Flights of Fancy: Chief cook
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Place of Origin: Barbados
Current obsession: Vibrant color
Favorite source of inspiration: Life!

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Contributor: Candice Onodi
Role at Flights of Fancy: Former Intern, current Trend Seeker and Inspirer
Location: Michigan gal living in Northern California
Current obsession: Graphic patterns, textures, metallics, handwriting
Favorite source of inspiration: Books, blogs, traveling and the outdoors

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Name: Laura Hankins
Role at Flights of Fancy: Former intern, Color Palette Queen
Place of Origin: Jacksonville, Illinois
Current obsession: Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates
Favorite source of inspiration: Fashion and textiles
Find Laura’s posts here


Name: Aimee Strickland
Role at Flights of Fancy: Former intern, Stationery & Style Editor
Location: Atlanta, GA
Current obsession: Anything vintage and a little bit rusty.
Favorite source of inspiration: Pinterest is great, but magazines are a go-to for me (especially Real Simple and Dwell)!
Find Aimee’s posts here

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Name: Meredith Goodwin
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Winter, 2013)
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Current obsession: Anything DIY! I’ve always loved crafting.
Favorite source of inspiration: Southern homes. I love how cozy and inviting they are.


Name: Caitlin Onodi
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Summer, 2012)
Location: Grosse Ile, MI
Current obsession: Tribal prints, and lose tops.
Favorite source of inspiration: Tumblr/ magazines


Name: Talia Cortez
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Spring, 2012)
Location: Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Current obsession: Cursive and print font combos, neon colors with gray
Favorite source of inspiration: Pinterest, wedding blogs, & magazines


Name: Lauren DeFilippo
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Winter, 2012)
Location: New York, NY
Place of Origin: Madison, CT
Current obsession: Grey tones with a pop of color, like tangerine.  And retro script fonts paired with bold type.
Favorite source of inspiration: I can get lost for hours on Tumblr, the Sartorialist & DesignSponge.


Name: China Frost
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Winter, 2011/2012)
Location: Dayton, OH
Place of Origin: Spokane, WA
Current obsession: I would have to say that my current obsession is all things vintage… home décor, fashion, EVERYTHING!
Favorite source of inspiration: Wedding blogs, DIY blogs and Pinterest!


Name: Elle Goodyear
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Fall, 2011)
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Place of Origin: Kansas City, MO
Current obsession: Mixing prints (floral skirt + striped top? Be still my heart!) and homemade friendship bracelets
Favorite source of inspiration: Recently, it’s been Pinterest but I love reading personal style and wedding blogs!


Name: Christine Chen

Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Summer, 2011)
Location: Boston, MA (for college)

Place of Origin: San Jose, CA is my home, but I was born in Illinois
Current obsession: Soft colors like coral, seafoam, and light teal!
Favorite source of inspiration: Pinterest, Wedding photography, and magazines


Name: Meghan Forry
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Spring, 2011)
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Place of Origin: Originally VA, but I call Ellicott City, MD home
Current obsession: Ruffles…but that’s more of a permanent obsession.
Favorite source of inspiration: StumbleUpon! It takes you to the corners of the internet with one stumble.


Name: Rebecca Huynh Thongkham
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Fall, 2010)
Location: Brea, California
Place of Origin: Toronto, Canada
Current obsession: Panda bears and the color green
Favorite source of inspiration: Nature…and design/wedding blogs

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