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Stationery & Style: Luxurious Bridesmaid Outfit

Navy, gold and pearls are a perfect combination for a luxurious wedding. Here’s to a little glitz and glamour for your bridesmaids. Enjoy!

– aimee

Featured Design: Victoria Wedding Invitation

Stationery & Style

Photo Credits:
No. 1: Local muse dress via Modcloth
No. 2: Pearl gold earrings via USA Bride
No. 3: Rhinestone pearl bangles via Make Me Chic
No. 4: Victoria Wedding Invitation via Betsywhite Stationery (shown in Navy on Ecru)
No. 5: Cream stole via Dorothy Perkins
No. 6: Pearl necklace via La Garconne
No. 7: Saskia Diez ring vía Colette
No. 8: Grace heel vía Alejandro Ingelmo

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