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Meet Caitlin!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s the beginning of a new week and the beginning of a new internship! Please welcome Caitlin to our team…

– – –

Hi there! My name is Caitlin, I am seventeen and I will be starting my senior year of high school. I love to play tennis, it’s so much fun and I play no. 1 singles for my school team. I basically spend all of my spare time on Tumblr looking at fashion. Ohh, and I cannot forget.. taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do – I love photography :)

– caitlin

Name: Caitlin Onodi
Location: Grosse Ile, MI
Cute clutch or hold-everything handbag?: Hold-everything. I like to be able to have everything that I need and more!
What’s the one thing in your purse you can’t live without?: Chapstick and my iPhone……. whoops, can’t forget my headphones. They’re all my life savers!
Current obsession: Tribal prints, and lose tops.
Favorite source of inspiration: Tumblr/ magazines

– – –

Stop by later today to see Caitlin’s first post… she’ll be posting every Monday for the next 12 weeks!

– gia

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