Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stationery & Style: Holiday Party Barbeque

For today's round-up, we're going poolside. Holiday parties are all the more fun when they involve water and yummy food. Our any-occasion invites are the perfect way to invite all of your closest friends to that 4th of July holiday bash that you've always wanted to throw. Happy Independence Day! ...

Up, Up and Away

Whimsical, colorful and fun. What better way to announce a summer engagement? -candice Featured Design: Emmy Announcement Photo Credits: row 1: Hot air balloon via bippity boppity boo | Announcement via Betsywhite Stationery row 2: Table setting via 100 Layer Cake | Gum balls via Wildflowers Photography

Color Coded: Neon Orange

How much more fun and exciting can a color get than neon orange?! It's both girly and spunky, giving feminine outfits an edgy feel. -talia Photo Credits: row 1: clutch pinned here | ZARA I Basic Sandal via Viva Luxury roow 2: dress found here | top via Haute & Rebellious 

Stationery & Style: Casual Romantic Wedding

This outfit with its soft, romantic and feminine feel is perfect if you're going to a casual wedding. Light in color, this outfit is cool and comfortable while still being stylish to boot. Playing off neutrals can be a beautiful thing, especially when you add an unexpected punch of color like ...