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Color Coded: Limoncello

While sipping homemade limoncello at a small family restaurant in Brooklyn, I noticed how vibrant its presence was on the table as it sat in front of everyone in our group. Yellow is one of the most attention-getting colors in the palette. It’s cheery and warm and can have quite a pop in the smallest amounts as well.

– angela

Photo Credits:
Row 1: Photo by Kristian Schuller | Pinned via create.find.admire
Row 2: Ginger Lemonade by Rachel Cooks Thai | Photo by Sherri Conley | Dried Pineapple Flowers by Annie’s Eats

3 thoughts on “Color Coded: Limoncello

  1. Pia

    Yellow reminds me of the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of cicadas and the feeling of the sun through the window on a cloudy day!

    Thanks for sharing!

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