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2011 Holiday Gift Guide: The Gardener

I am thankful for the people in my life who love to garden. They notice the beauty in the small things and also make the environments they are in beautiful as well. So whether you want to help a friend begin her first garden or lavish the long-time grower, here’s a gift guide for the gardener in your life. Enjoy!

– aimee

Gift List:

1. William Morris Rose Garden Labels from Ruche ($4.99)
2. Effortlessly Sown Herb Kit from Anthropologie ($16.00)
3. Lavender Gardeners Salve by Terrain ($12.00)
4. Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo Tote ($58.00)
5. Five Year Garden Journal by Mimi Luebbermann from Barnes and Noble ($15.96)
6. Hunter high gloss rain boots from Nordstrom in vintage yellow ($125.00)
7. Garden Window Button Poncho from Ruche ($42.99)

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