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Get Styled: Rehearsal Dinner

Hi guys! I don’t know how the weather is for everyone else, but I am shocked that the weather in Michigan has been so warm! I thought October was supposed to be chilly – not 80 degrees!! But I am not complaining because I know the cold is just around the corner.

When looking for something to wear to your rehearsal dinner, I like the idea of wearing a shorter, white dress. And I am a big Alexa Chung fan. So when I saw this picture of her (paired with a perfect Fall cardigan), I thought it would be great for a rehearsal dinner during the chilly Fall season. And I threw in the Louboutins because a girl can dream, right?

– elle


Image Sources
No. 1: Alexa Chung found via Pinterest, originally from here
No. 2: Sequin Tank from J Crew ($59.99)
No. 3: Pleated Skirt from Anthropologie ($118)
No. 4: Linen Cardigan from J Crew ($27.99)
No. 5: Striped Suede Louboutins from Handbag Store ($202)

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