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Trendspotting: Morocco

The Moroccan look is something I definitely see trending this summer. With lots of intricate patterns, soft fabrics and bold colors – you can’t go wrong! There’s something in it for everyone, whether it be for your wardrobe, your home… or maybe even your wedding!


P.S. The Betsywhite Olivia Invitation would work fabulously well with this trend. Find it here!

Photo Credits:

left column
French Revue de Modes – Moroccan Location via Bohemia Life | Moroccan trinket box/bracelet by Wolfpack Tribal via Etsy

right column
Door in Rabat, Morocco via Meta Gini | Moroccan pouf via plumo

Rustic wildflower earrings by Bellehibou via Etsy | Moroccan Colours via Edens Elephant

3 thoughts on “Trendspotting: Morocco

    1. candice at betsywhite Post author

      Me too! Isn’t she gorgeous?! It was her and that door that inspired me to do the whole thing!


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