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Meet Christine!

Happy Friday, friends! If you visit us often, then you know that Meghan’s Spring internship ended last week. She’s off to new and exciting adventures this summer (including getting married!!) so we reluctantly had to say farewell. Luckily, with every cloud, there’s a silver lining and our silver lining has a name: Christine.

Christine will be interning with us this summer, picking up where Meghan left off and we’re so excited to have her! As is customary around here, we will first get to know Christine by poking around in her purse… and by asking a few nosy questions… :)

– – –

Hello everyone! My name is Christine, and I’m 18 and a soon-to-be sophomore at Boston University. I’m spending this summer at home in beautiful California, and my endless browsing of wedding and design blogs can finally be put to good use! I am an avid photographer and in love with all things wedding. I’m excited to be a part of Flights of Fancy as an intern, and I can’t wait to start sharing!

– christine

Name: Christine Chen
Role at Flights of Fancy: Intern (Summer, 2011)
Location: Boston, MA (for college)
Place of Origin: San Jose, CA is my home, but I was born in Illinois
Cute clutch or hold-everything handbag?: Cute clutch! In a cute color too :)
What’s the one thing in your purse you can’t live without?: Glasses – I’m quite blind without them
Current obsession: Soft colors like coral, seafoam, and light teal!
Favorite source of inspiration: Pinterest, Wedding photography, and magazines

– – –

We can all look forward to seeing posts from Christine every Monday for the next 12 weeks.

By the way, if you haven’t met everyone yet, stop by the About page to get the scoop. Also, if you’re interested in interning with Flights of Fancy, click here to apply!

– gia

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