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Petal, Peony, Pollen and Lilac

I love these bright, cheerful colors - and how the petal pink softens them so nicely. – laura Photo Credits: Row 1: Martha Stewart Weddings | Bloomingdales Row 2: Dreamy Whites Online via Pinterest | Fuss Jewelry via Pinterest Row 3: Brides | Kate Osborne Photography via Pinterest

Trendspotting: Busy Bee

Honeybees may not be the most pleasant little insects, but they sure do make cute accessories... especially when there isn't a stinger involved! Bees and honey seem to be trending in both the wedding and fashion world. Whether it be a literal interpretation or a more general one by just ...

Color Coded: Storm

I was at the beach this week, and while some of our days were sunny, there were definitely some gray clouds that loomed overhead. While stormy skies might not be the best for beach-going, the blue-gray color of the clouds and the water is simply gorgeous. It can be so ...

Piqued My Pinterest: Desert Chic

Hello my lovely readers! I know posts from me have been sparse these days – I've been spending every waking moment working on TONS of new goodies for Betsywhite Stationery which I'm dying to share with you but we're not quite ready yet (hopefully mid-summer). Despite the crazy workload, the one ...
thumbnail: Desert Chic