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Hilary and Jeffrey

WEDDING DATE: May 1, 2010
LOCATION: Topeka, Kansas
CEREMONY: Private Residence
RECEPTION: Topeka Country Club
PHOTOGRAPHER: Brian Goodman and Suzanne Hitt
FLOWERS: Porterfield’s
WEDDING PLANNER/CONSULTANT: Stephanie Valley and Jeanne Hoferer
GOWN: Alfred Angelo
GROOM’S ATTIRE: Ralph Lauren

HILARY’S FAVORITE DETAIL: Honoring tradition was a theme of our celebration – I wore my Mother’s wedding veil from 1972 and red heels under my dress, which is a tradition my grandmother started at her wedding 68 years ago.

HILARY’S MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: My sister handmade us a wooden box for a “Love Letter Ceremony” to be performed before the vows we wrote. A few weeks before the wedding, we took time to each write a letter to one another, expressing our thoughts about our reasons for falling in love and our hopes and dreams for the future. We did not read what the other had written, and during the ceremony our parents each nailed a corner of the box shut, and Jeff and I nailed the last two. The box will be opened on our 5th wedding anniversary. This was the perfect ritual to remind us of our wedding day and our intention to love and cherish each other in good times and bad for as long as we live.

STATIONERY: Love Logo #21 Wedding Invitation and Response Set
WHY DID HILARY CHOOSE THIS INVITATION?: We fell in love with the monogram and crown combo! It reminded us of a family crest, which was special since we were creating a new family together!

What a beautiful couple! Congrats Hilary and Jeffrey – thank for sharing your special day!

– gia

– – –

All wedding photos © Brian Goodman and Suzanne Hitt
Invitation photos by betsywhite stationery

7 thoughts on “Hilary and Jeffrey

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  2. Courtney

    I really love the fact that her grandmas started the red shoe tradition almost 70 years ago – what a rockin’ grandma! And the “I Do” detail on the soles of the shoes is a really sweet touch.

    I must admit, however, that the nerd in my thought of the Hogwarts crest when I saw the stationery.

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