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Inspired Intern: Ampersand = Awesome

In case you can’t tell, I think I’m beginning to have a little thing for ampersands! I love the thought of taking something so basic that is used in our every day lives’ and turning it into a real statement piece. Ampersands are popping up in home decor, fashion, jewelry, weddings and more. There’s a type of beauty that comes out in them when they’re seen alone that often gets overlooked when they are surrounded by other typography. Plus, the word itself is so fun. Just say it – AMPERSAND!

– candice

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Photo Credits:
left column
Black pillow by Aunty Cookie via Etsy | Tote bag via Svend Design | Necklace by Wild Wonderful via Etsy | Wood cutting board by House Industries via The Common

right column
Ampersand in work space by Under the Sea Bee via We Heart It | Balloon ampersand print via WorkGroup | Couple holding giant ampersand via Megan Holly Clouse Photography

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