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Inspired Intern: Hooter Love

As a kid I was never really into owls. In fact, I remember that the Tootsie Pop owl kind of bothered me a bit. But over the last year or so something has changed in me and I find myself loving every print, piece of jewelry and object I come across with an owl on it! I’m slowly starting a small collection because I just can’t turn down a cute little feathered face with big round eyes. For some reason I like to call them woodsies… and I hope that once you see some of the inspirational woodsies I have gathered below you will find a soft spot for them too!

– candice

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Photo Credits:
left column – Owl on building via Flickr | Vintage brass owl clip by Finding Fabulous via Flickr | Emma Cook dress via David Barrie | Owl bookends via Oh Joy!

right column – Owl clay dish by Myra Melinda via Etsy | Owl cake topper via My Owl Barn | Owl earmuffs by Kate Spade via Here’s Looking at Shoes, Kid

6 thoughts on “Inspired Intern: Hooter Love

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    1. gia at betsywhite

      @kelley@paperdollmn: That is pretty funny! Glad we’re not the only ones simultaneously in love with and creeped out by these little creatures! :)


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