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Fashion Fix: Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!

After a discussion amongst some friends and I in my English Lit class on shoes, it only made sense to focus on the one accessory that all women LOVE!  Of course you all know about my obsession from a previous post. In our discussion, the girls and I talked about ...
trendy shoes for 2011

Cocoa, Aged Gold, Sea Spray and Flush

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but a few months ago, I handed over the color palette reins to our resident palette queen (and former intern), Laura. I absolutely ADORE her latest combination. It's just so rich, elegant and deliciously decadent... don't you think? Photo Credits: Row 1: Stacey Winters | Christian ...

Inspired Intern: Vintage Travel

This week's inspiration board captures the fun and adventure of traveling and combines it with a touch of old-world charm.  Doesn't this make you want to pack up your bags and fly to a faraway place?  I know I do! -Becca - – - For more from Becca, be sure ...
vintage travel inspiration

Elle Bride, Italy

Our Tova wedding invitation was featured in the Italian issue of Elle Bride! Che bello!
thumbnail: Elle Italy + Betsywhite