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Palette Solution: Indigo, Cardinal, Pear and Lemon

Remember when we helped this reader with her color conundrum? Well, another reader (Sintha) recently emailed in need of our help. Here’s what she had to say:

“I love blue-purple (all shades – from the color of Bella Swan’s prom dress to the dark indigo), lime green, sunny yellow, and red but for the life of me I couldn’t make them work for my needs.”

While these are quite bold colors, we’ve come up with two different palettes that we think tie them together nicely. This first palette darkens the colors just a bit for for a bold but elegant look…

We’ll post the second solution this afternoon so be sure to check back in!

Photo Credits:
row 1: Thread Bridesmaid via Project Wedding | Jen Altman via 100 Layer Cake
row 2: Jen Rodriguez via Style Me Pretty | Heather Waraska via Style Me Pretty
row 3: Chase Heilman via Ruffled | Maggie Austin Cake via 100 Layer Cake | Cheri Pearl via Style Me Pretty

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