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Inspired Intern: Chanel

I have recently been thinking about all things Chanel for the past few days.  This could very well be because of the endless episodes of Rachel Zoe I’ve been watching.  Regardless, Chanel knew just how to create the perfect sense of sophistication and elegance when it came to designing for women.  Her perfectly tailored woven tweed suits, elaborately designed jewelry, and her remarkable obsession with pastels and black, are all reasons she is known to this day in the fashion industry.

With that, I wanted to capture the true essence of Chanel in this inspiration board.


Photo Credits:
row 1:  Jan Garcia Photography via KOKOliving | Chanel-inspired Centerpieces via Cake in Bed
row 2: Chanel Necklace via  Chanel
row 3:  Chanel-inspired Centerpieces via Cake in Bed | Chanel No. 5 Jewelry via The Incredible BrideStudio 28 Photography via JL DESIGNS

4 thoughts on “Inspired Intern: Chanel

  1. Samantha

    Thanks Joan for the comment! I absolutely LOVED working on this post! I checked out the Perez site you listed, thankfully in my writing I did give credit strictly to the designer Chanel… minus the wedding photographs that were indeed called “Inspiration of All Things Chanel.”

  2. gia at betsywhite Post author

    Yes, thanks for the link Joan! I totally understand where they are coming from. There’s a fine line between admiration and brand theft so I’m sure they have to work really hard to keep the integrity of their brand in tact.

    I think Samantha did a good job of paying homage to Chanel without crossing any lines.

  3. Joan

    Me too! Samantha did a wonderful job. The board is beautiful. Chanel should be proud of people representing them this way. I think the Chanel article is way over the top :-) Best of luck with your internship Samantha!


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