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Nest Pretty Things

July 19, 2010

vintage handmade jewelry

Let’s start the week off with a little vendor love, shall we?

Although this little shop has been around for a while now, I’ve only recently discovered Nest Pretty Things and I’m so glad I did! I’m completely smitten by the vintage-inspired lovelies created by Tamar, a former Creative Director and Stylist who now devotes her time to jewelry design. I love that her pieces have a vintage feel but still manage to look fresh and modern. Her colorful flower necklaces (above) would be perfect accessories for bridesmaids, don’t you think?

handmade necklaces and rings

…and these headbands would be absolutely darling on a bride:

vintage wedding tiara

I wanted to learn a little more about Tamar and her pretty things so we recently had a little chat:

Q: What made you decide to switch careers from Stylist/Creative Director to jewelry designer?
A: 5 years ago we moved to Vermont looking to leave the big city life behind us and change gears, both my husband and I really needed a  change and we both loved the idea of living in a small New England town, being close to nature, gardening and growing our own veggies, and enjoying a much quieter life. Vermont is such a special place, we’ve been loving it! Once we got here I knew I needed to start my own business, I started doing interior decorating but the market was too small and I ended up crafting while waiting around for clients… slowly I got into it more and more, using my long career as a Creative Director and Photo Stylist to enhance my business.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Feminine, colorful, eclectic, romantic – it’s hard to say. I think I have  a few styles going on that I fuse together. Having 3 boys, I crave for everything girly….

Q: What inspires you most?
A: Textiles (especially vintage and ethnic), art, interiors, movies, nature, and I love flowers… every week during the summer I make giant bouquets of flowers from my garden and they can inspire a whole collection.

Q: Do you ever create custom pieces?
A: I have a few customers that love my work and have great taste, if they want to make some changes to a piece and I like the idea I am happy to oblige, but I need to love it.

handmade vintage-inspired jewelry

Thanks Tamar for creating such pretty things!

Be sure to check out her shop to score a few goodies of your own. Tamar also has a great blog where she  hosts exclusive discounts and giveaways, shares her latest inspirations and chats about life in general… be sure to check it out!

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All images © Nest Pretty Things

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Classic Finds: Bows, Bows, Bows

July 16, 2010

Sarah from Classic Bride is back with us every Friday to share a few of her favorite finds, inspiration and ideas for chic, classic weddings. Here’s this week’s find:

Often thought of as a must-have accessory for any little girl, bows can also be transformed into a sophisticated bridal accent. I love seeing them adorn bridal shoes, especially if the shoe is cloaked in a vibrant color. Simple, feminine and cheerful.

What could be more lovely?

Photo Credits:
row 1: Both images of Valentino peeptoes via This is Glamorous
row 2: Yellow heels from Valentino Spring 2008 via Perfect Bound | J. Crew heels spotted here