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Classic Finds: Glam Picnics

Sarah from Classic Bride is back with us every Friday to share a few of her favorite finds, inspiration and ideas for chic, classic weddings. Here’s this week’s find:

picnic wedding

What’s not to love about picnics? The heirloom quilts, the classic gingham, the home-made treats, the wine {which is always in abundance at my kind of picnics (o; }, the cloud-watching … it’s all so idyllic. Even the standard picnic basket emits a huge amount of cheer. So why not translate those happy feelings into a wedding? We’ve seen the theme carried out in e-shoots time and time again and it works like a charm each time … I’m loving the idea of little quilts spread about a lawn standing in for tables and loads and loads of cozy pillows standing in for the chairs … maybe a spontaneous game of croquet could come about after the cake cutting?

Photo Credits:
row 1: Image by Vorfas via Gala Darling; Image by me
row 2: Both images by Tec Petaja found here

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