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DIY Download: “Chalkboard” Table Numbers

I mentioned last week that I was going to keep the freebies coming. Well, I’m a woman of my word so here’s a bit of mid-week crafty goodness!

I love the chalkboard trend that continues to be popular in weddings but instead of creating the typical classroom chalkboard look, we decided to do something a bit prettier. Here’s our spin on the chalkboard trend: faux chalkboard table number cards.

DIY project: "Chalkboard" Table Number Cards

Cute, right? Here’s how:

step 1: Using your color printer, print the free template on white cardstock (click on the link at the bottom of this post to download the template). Once printed, trim the backer card along the cropmarks using a ruler and x-acto knife. Be sure to use a cutting mat – it cushions the x-acto blade and saves your surfaces from nicks and scratches.

step 2: Cut a piece of colored paper to 3.5″ x 4.5″ – this will be your “chalkboard” surface. Of course, darker colors are better since you will be writing the numbers in white chalk.

step 3 (optional): You can use a corner punch to give the “chalkboard” rounded corners. You could even use a more decorative corner punch to make it a bit more fancy if you’d like.

step 4: Next, write the table number on the colored paper with chalk.

step 5: Adhere your “chalkboard” surface to the backer card, using the lines on the template as a guide for the correct positioning. I always prefer to use a roll-on double-stick adhesive rather than double-sided tape or glue… it’s easier and less messy.

step 6 (optional): For a finishing touch, use a corner punch to round the corners of the backer card.

That’s it! Really easy.

Wedding DIY - Table Numbers

As usual, I like to give you options. The downloadable template includes not one, but three color combinations to choose from: Sage, Plum and Paprika. In the photos above, you’ll notice how leaving the corners square or using a decorative corner punch can change the look. If you prefer not to use chalk, you can also find a font with fancy numbers, print the numbers on a lighter colored paper and use that instead. Feel free to get creative!

To get started, click on the link below to download the 4-page PDF template. Happy crafting!

Download Chalkboard Table Numbers

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