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Classic Finds: Perfect Scents

Sarah from Classic Bride is back with us every Friday to share a few of her favorite finds, inspiration and ideas for chic, classic weddings. Here’s this week’s find:

Perfume bottles are often so pretty that I have a hard time just throwing them out … I’ve been known to keep several well after I had used up every last ounce and later turn in them into bath salt containers {check out this fun tutorial on the subject as well as some much more fabulous looking examples than my own!} … If you also share a soft spot for the pretties, why not incorporate them in your big day? I love the idea of rounding up a handful of ornate vintage bottles and sprinkling them around the floral centerpieces. You could fit a small bloom in each bottle or for an even more unique angle … you could fill each bottle with a signature scent. Maybe you and your love could concoct a special blend for you to wear on your wedding day and have some extra made up to fill the bottles … I love that the scent would always remind you of your wedding.

Photo Credits:
row 1: Country Living | Elizabeth Messina’s wedding
row 2: Clear bottle found here | purple Colgate bottle found here | group of French bottles found here

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