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Classic Finds: A Little Shimmer

May 28, 2010

Sarah from Classic Bride is back with us every Friday to share a few of her favorite finds, inspiration and ideas for chic, classic weddings. Here’s this week’s find:

I’m forecasting grey sparkles to enter as the new black … or for the wedding world, the new white. I think a peppering of silvery shine would look so updated and modern for the right bride … whether it’s a loose cardi, a belt, a headband or any other accessory, I’m definitely feeling that sparkle is back and honestly … what better day to shine than on your wedding day?

Photo Credits:
row 1: Image via This is Glamorous via Mint Velvet Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook | Image via Nordstrom
row 2: Both images via J. Crew

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Inspired Intern: Doing It Again

May 27, 2010

It’s hard to believe, but 12 weeks have gone by and it’s time for Erin’s internship to end. Erin has done an excellent job and I could not have asked for a better intern. It’s been great to see her grow as a designer and although I hate to see her leave, I know she will move on to do big things in the design world.

Thanks for all your hard work Erin! Good luck with your future endeavors!

– – –

I was stumped this week for inspiration, until Gia gave me the suggestion of a “do-over” wedding. If I could, I would most definitely do it again. My husband and I had so much fun the first time… doing it again could only be twice as great. We were married just last May. Our ceremony took place in my childhood church and was followed by dinner and dancing at a local reception hall.

If I were to do it again I would have an outdoor wedding, something really simple. I would love to have the ceremony under a large oak tree. Recently I’ve been inspired by the use of raw cotton as a decorative element, this would tie in nicely to the setting. As for my dress, I would pick a short yet classic look. My color palette would consist mostly of white and a light sage, but have a pop of saffron yellow. Over all I would want the wedding to have a simple, homelike rural charm.

Well I’ve had a wonderful time here on Flights of Fancy, but this is my last Inspired Intern post. I want to give a special thanks to Gia… thanks for picking me :) and thank you for taking the time to teach and inspire me to design.

Thanks again!

– – –

Erin Elsewhere: {Simple Te Design}

Photo Credits:
row 1: Olivia Leigh Photographie via Green Wedding ShoesJasmine Star via Green Wedding Shoes
row 2: Melissa Diep via Style Me PrettyAnthropologie
row 3: Jagger Photography via Green Wedding ShoesJenny Ebert Photography via Once Wed

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DIY Download: “Chalkboard” Table Numbers

May 26, 2010

I mentioned last week that I was going to keep the freebies coming. Well, I’m a woman of my word so here’s a bit of mid-week crafty goodness!

I love the chalkboard trend that continues to be popular in weddings but instead of creating the typical classroom chalkboard look, we decided to do something a bit prettier. Here’s our spin on the chalkboard trend: faux chalkboard table number cards.

DIY project: "Chalkboard" Table Number Cards

Cute, right? Here’s how:

step 1: Using your color printer, print the free template on white cardstock (click on the link at the bottom of this post to download the template). Once printed, trim the backer card along the cropmarks using a ruler and x-acto knife. Be sure to use a cutting mat – it cushions the x-acto blade and saves your surfaces from nicks and scratches.

step 2: Cut a piece of colored paper to 3.5″ x 4.5″ – this will be your “chalkboard” surface. Of course, darker colors are better since you will be writing the numbers in white chalk.

step 3 (optional): You can use a corner punch to give the “chalkboard” rounded corners. You could even use a more decorative corner punch to make it a bit more fancy if you’d like.

step 4: Next, write the table number on the colored paper with chalk.

step 5: Adhere your “chalkboard” surface to the backer card, using the lines on the template as a guide for the correct positioning. I always prefer to use a roll-on double-stick adhesive rather than double-sided tape or glue… it’s easier and less messy.

step 6 (optional): For a finishing touch, use a corner punch to round the corners of the backer card.

That’s it! Really easy.

Wedding DIY - Table Numbers

As usual, I like to give you options. The downloadable template includes not one, but three color combinations to choose from: Sage, Plum and Paprika. In the photos above, you’ll notice how leaving the corners square or using a decorative corner punch can change the look. If you prefer not to use chalk, you can also find a font with fancy numbers, print the numbers on a lighter colored paper and use that instead. Feel free to get creative!

To get started, click on the link below to download the 4-page PDF template. Happy crafting!

Download Chalkboard Table Numbers