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Invitation Inspiration: Emmy

I’ll leave you this week with another peek into what inspired one of this year’s new designs.

The idea for the new Emmy invitation was actually sparked by the Jeremy Lawson photo below (fourth row, on the right). It’s a simple image but the bold stripes on the awning combined with its scalloped edges made me think of using hard lines and soft details to create a design that would appeal to both the bride and groom. I wanted to create a design that was pretty, yet simple and strong.

betsywhite stationery invitation inspiration

Stop by later today for a formal introduction to Emmy!

Photo Credits:
row 1: The Selby via ffffound | Martha Stewart
row 2: Martha Stewart | Anna Kuperberg
row 3: Erin Hearts Court via {casando ideias} | British Vogue via {a glamorous little side project}
row 4:  Martha Stewart | Jeremy Lawson via Rock n’ Roll Bride

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