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Formal Introduction: Hailey

Ok, the wait is over. Last week I shared the inspiration behind the invitation and I’m happy to finally share the invitation itself. World, meet Hailey.

This unpretentious sweetheart was inspired by Emily Post etiquette, “P”s, “Q”s and the Queen’s English. It’s unaffected elegance at its most stylish.

new wedding invitations by betsywhite stationery

If you’d like to get to know Hailey a bit better, click here.

Photo Credits:
design & styling: Gia Graham |  photography: Claudia López | calligraphy: MM Ink

6 thoughts on “Formal Introduction: Hailey

  1. Elizabeth

    Stunning :) Love the stamps with Audrey Hepburn on, and I’m head over heels for the calligraphy. Also, do you mind me asking which font you used for the names? It’s very beautiful.

    1. gia at betsywhite Post author

      I picked up most of the vintage stamps at a local Stamp & Coin shop. It can sometimes take hours to find the perfect stamp but it’s so worth it!

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