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A New Nest for Paloma’s Nest

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Paloma’s Nest by now. The work of Caroline Colom Vasquez have been featured all over the blogosphere and in several magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings. It’s not surprising that these beautiful bowls have become so popular – in an age of mass production and over-the-top-everything, there’s something quite appealing about the hand-crafted simplicity of these ‘modern heirlooms’.

Caroline says that she is “dedicated to creating pieces for the home and for the heart” and believes that by adding text, “we give written ideas, feelings, and daydreams a place to rest“. This passion, care and dedication can be seen in every piece she creates.

We’re so excited that Paloma’s Nest has launched a brand new website this week! As expected, it’s just beautiful. Along with the new site, Caroline has also introduced her new (and absolutely exquisite) Heirloom Packaging… another testament to the care and quality that goes into the Paloma’s Nest products.

A huge congratulations to Caroline for the beautiful new website and for the continued success of Paloma’s Nest! Be sure to visit the shop for your own modern heirloom and enjoy free shipping until March 1.

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All photos compliments Paloma’s Nest

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