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The Decorated Tree

Ok, so this post has nothing to do with weddings but everything to do with the holidays… and great style.

I am fortunate enough to have lots of really talented friends who constantly inspire me. One of those friends is Darryl, a graphic designer and stylist who has a self-confessed obsession with the holiday tree. Among Darryl’s many extensive collections (one of which, by the way, includes the most lovely cake plates you’ve ever seen… but that’s another story…) is an enormous collection of exquisite ornaments which he uses to create the most beautiful and inspiring miniature trees – each with its own concept and stylized focus. One of my absolute favorites is this pretty pink and silver tree which is a dedication to his mother whose favorite color was pink:

Isn’t is beautiful?! What I love most is that every single ornament has meaning and is placed with a specific purpose in mind (you can read more about it here).

I also love the simplicity and monochromatic palette of his nature-inspired tree (below, left) and the fun, whimsical feel of his vibrant “retromodern” tree (below, right)…

This year, Darryl’s tree features beautiful blue, silver and white ornaments and captures a magical, icy, wintery feeling (below, left) while the tree on the right (from 2007), feels very warm and cozy and is laden with pine cone ornaments and candles…

Darryl’s dream is to publish his creations in a book called The Decorated Tree. I, for one, will be first in line at Barnes & Noble when that day arrives! Until then, I’ll continue to stalk his blog.

Thanks for the holiday inspiration Darryl!

Photo Credits:
all photos: Collection and styling by Darryl Moland
row 1: pink and silver tree photographed by Claudia López (who, by the way is another insanely talented friend and happens to be the official photographer for betsywhite stationery)
row 2: nature tree photographed by Harold Daniels | retromodern tree photographed by Claudia López
row 3: winter wish tree photographed by Darryl Moland | pine cone tree photographed by Jon Rou

2 thoughts on “The Decorated Tree

  1. Carrie

    gorgeous! i have a tree like in the first one but lime green and i’ve always been putting tiny ornaments on it but it looks fabulous with full size ones instead! i might be trying that next year


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