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Classic Finds: Vintage Trophies

Sarah Darcy from Classic Bride will be joining us every Friday this Fall to share a few of her favorite finds, inspiration and ideas for chic, classic weddings…

This Friday’s Find: Vintage Trophies
wedding decor: vintage trophies

It’s no secret that vintage trophies are all the rage right now – they are constantly being featured in home decor and fashion magazines and that could have a little something to do with why they’re so darn tough to turn up! ;o) If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a few, they really can make the most darling centerpieces, whether for a reception or at home. Try grouping them in clusters {I find 3 work well together} and filling them with simple floral arrangements. I would suggest going with a few calla lily stems or a few white dahlias as these buds won’t overpower the charm of the trophy. If there’s an aged inscription or scroll on the trophy, that can oftentimes be just as breathtaking as the flowers and you don’t want that diminished. I also love that by using trophies as vases you’re essentially creating a backstory filled with victory and confidence – the perfect winning touch for a wedding!

If you’re hunting for your own collection of vintage trophies, make sure you check out the very eclectic four I have available at CB Vintage!

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row 1: Wedding Style Guide | Image from Jupiter Images via Snippet and Ink | image via Snippet and Ink
row 2: Small trophy for sale at CB VintageJupiter Images via Snippet and Ink | tiny trophy for sale at CB Vintage
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6 thoughts on “Classic Finds: Vintage Trophies

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  2. Tina

    I have a vintage trophy dated April 13, 1918 I think it is sterling silver. How do I find out its value as I would like to sell Thanks

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