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Ashley and Andrew

November 30, 2009

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend!

It has been quite a while since we shared real wedding photos from one of our betsywhite brides so I figured it was about time I fixed that. This wedding is one of my favorites from the summer… a tattooed groom, a barefoot bride, the ocean in the background and lots of love in the air!

Destination Wedding - wedding invitations by

WEDDING DATE: July 18, 2009
LOCATION: Isabela, Puerto Rico
CEREMONY AND RECEPTION: Villa Montana Beach Resort
PHOTOGRAPHER: Cheryl Zibisky
FLOWERS BY: Villa Montana Beach Resort
GOWN BY: Nicole Miller

Puerto Rico Wedding - wedding invitations by

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT (from the Ashley): Looking into my husbands eyes as I walked down the aisle. He was so emotional, which is a rarity for him. It was like we were the only two people in the world. You hear about that moment, but you can’t even phathom the happiness you feel just then. It seems like all the joy in the world is giving your heart a hug. It was the best day of my life . . . and I’ve had a lot of good ones!

Beach wedding - invitations by

STATIONERY: Love Logo #5, matching wedding invitation and response set
I loved that Ashley and Andrew showed a bit of their fun-loving personality in their wedding stationery by adding the line “dinner and hijinks to follow” on their wedding invitations. I’m sure good times were had by all.

Destination wedding invitations by betsywhite stationery

FAVORITE WEDDING DETAIL (from Ashley): I loved having a logo to tie everything together. We made a banner ( for the reception and everything in the welcome bags (the bags, bottled water, lip balm, frisbees and tags) all had the logo on it too! Even the placecards all had them!

wedding logo by betsywhite stationery

Ashley did a great job using her wedding logo. I think the fabric banners at the reception were such a good idea!

Congrats again to Ashley and Andrew on a beautiful wedding!

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All wedding photos © Cheryl Zibisky
Invitation photos by betsywhite stationery