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Classic Finds: Vintage Books

Sarah Darcy from Classic Bride will be joining us every Friday this Fall to share a few of her favorite finds, inspiration and ideas for chic, classic weddings…

This Friday’s Find: Vintage Books

Vintage books are one of my favorite things to collect. I always look for fun + quirky titles or beautiful illustrations. I love imagining who used to flip through the pages … whether the book spent more time tucked away on a shelf in a library or being well-loved by its owner. And many come in such gorgeous covers and colors that they look fabulous just sitting about the house in stacks here and there.

I do think they’d be a delightful touch at a vintage-themed wedding, either as centerpieces {stacked and surrounded by a ribbon} or tucked around the cake table or guestbook table for decoration. With so many different categories and topics, you could easily collect titles that represent you and your future husband in some special way. I’ve collected several that I think would be fun to include at a wedding, ranging from etiquette books to bridal fiction to silly titles – and you can browse through them right here at CB Vintage. If you see any you like, just message me at for info on purchasing.

Photo Credits:
top row: 1 + 2: Country Living
bottom row: 1: Kate Spade image; 2: vintage Gracious Living book for sale here

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Thanks Sarah!

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2 thoughts on “Classic Finds: Vintage Books

  1. Julianna

    I love this idea!!! My fiance and I met at a friend’s birthday party in NYC, at a bar called “The Library”…what a sweet way to nod to our first meeting if we were to do something like this. We are getting married at an old hotel in Va Beach, so the vintage book-look would fit right in.

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