Wedding Soirée Tip No.5

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

Do you need a wedding website? Absolutely! Informing wedding guests of any changes in wedding planning is important and wedding websites are one of the fastest modes of communication. It is totally up to you whether to make the site public or private.

When used correctly, the website can be a very effective wedding tool. It can act as hub for family, friends and guests and can be the key to what’s happening in your wedding world. This of course means that it should be frequently updated with the latest and greatest information.

Wedding social networking sites such as Twitter are also playing a major role in the modern bride’s wedding. Brides can communicate with family in real-time using Twitter which can be quite helpful during the last few hectic days before the wedding. Brides can also stay on top of the latest news and trends in the wedding industry with Twitter feeds such as Knotties Get-Together and other social networks.

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Thanks Gail!

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