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Wedding Soirée Tip No.4

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

Get the groom involved in the planning process – after all, it is his wedding too! Ideally, the groom should be involved as early  as possible – the week before the wedding is not the ideal time to fill him in on all the details.

Okay, there are some guys who want nothing to do with the wedding planning, this is true…but maybe you can persuade even the most unwilling groom to handle just one area of responsibility, for example, the music.

We recently had a groom admit to wedding guests that his biggest regret was that he didn’t help his new bride with the wedding planning.  When it comes to marriage and wedding planning, teamwork is the best solution.

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Thanks Gail!

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