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Color Palettes

Rose, Plum and Warm Gray

August 19, 2009

Although very similar to this palette, today’s color combination has a softer, more feminine feel. The slightest shift in tone can sometimes create such a difference in the personality of a palette!

color palette: rose, plum, warm gray

Stationery Options:
Love Logo #13 invitation – printed in Taupe ink on Ecru paper
Marissa invitation – printed in Rose ink on Ecru paper
Talia save the date – in pink

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Photo Credits:
row 1: Martha Stewart, J. Crew
row 2: W. Scott Chester, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Cake Girls
row 3: Real Simple

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Shoe Trends

August 18, 2009

For today’s trendspotting post, I’ve invited Jenny Wells from Wedding Feet to share some of the wedding shoe trends she’s been spotting lately…

Welcome, Jenny!

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We here at have seen the 2009 season bring several new trends for wedding shoes. This year, brides will find even more styles to choose from. Also, they will feel a lot more free to buy any style or type of shoe they want. From boots to flats to fancy heels, the bride should feel free to shop anywhere and not be restricted to only bridal shops.

Trend #1: Color

Colors are still a major trend. Starting a few years ago, brides began to buy colored wedding shoes for their big day. Some would match their shoes to their wedding colors or their bridesmaid dresses. Others would use their shoe as their “something blue” color. Now, brides are choosing whatever color they like. White or ivory wedding gowns will match almost any brightly colored shoes and colorful shoes peeking out from underneath a wedding dress always gives a bride a fun and unique look on her wedding day.

Trend #2: Beyond Cocktail Hour

The next – and probably best – trend is that cocktail and evening shoes are now really easily translated to bridal footwear. These days, evening shoes are more elaborate and more dramatic – something many brides are looking for on their wedding day. Various colors, accessories and adornments can make for one fantastic wedding shoe. Look for ribbons, ruffles, rosettes and even fancy boots. The biggest plus here is that the bride can wear these shoes long after the wedding,  making the purchase of an expensive pair of evening shoes worth every penny. This fall, brides will find a wide variety of choices since evening shoes are especially popular in the winter season when holiday parties prevail.

Trend #3: Drama

Like with cocktail and evening shoes, wedding shoes have also been updated to have more drama. There are more rhinestones decorating the shoes and more lace being used. What used to be a simple shoe with tiny straps or just a basic pump has now become much more complex and dramatic. To avoid clashing with the gown, wedding shoes in these styles are oftentimes better used when the bride will be wearing a simple dress.

Trend #4: Flats

Finally, one other trend that continues to be seen this year are wedding flats. Flats can be found decorated with rhinestones and are available in several colors since they are also becoming more popular in women’s shoes in general. If you’re opting for flats, have some fun with them! Choose a fun, unexpected color or decorate plain flats fancy, elaborate clip-on accessories.

There are many choices out there for wedding shoes and we here at are here to guide you! We have a step by step guide which will help you think through your decisions and we offer a wide variety of suggestions organized by category for you to look through. So, start shopping and have fun!

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Thanks for the tips Jenny!

Image Credits:
colors: red shoe by Nina Palas, purple shoe by Max Studio Scent, navy shoe by Steve Madden, pink shoe by  Stuart Weitzman (Gigiritz)

cocktail/evening: white pumps by Christian Louboutin (Carnaval Nodo Satin d’Orsay), silver sequin pumps by Valentino, ankle boot by Kelsi Dagger (Rosabella), charcoal ruffle shoe by Nina Elga

dramatic bridal: lace shoe by Stuart Weitzman (Chantelle), ruffle shoe by RSVP (Lauren)

flats: both styles by J.Crew

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Wedding Soirée Tip No.5

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

Do you need a wedding website? Absolutely! Informing wedding guests of any changes in wedding planning is important and wedding websites are one of the fastest modes of communication. It is totally up to you whether to make the site public or private.

When used correctly, the website can be a very effective wedding tool. It can act as hub for family, friends and guests and can be the key to what’s happening in your wedding world. This of course means that it should be frequently updated with the latest and greatest information.

Wedding social networking sites such as Twitter are also playing a major role in the modern bride’s wedding. Brides can communicate with family in real-time using Twitter which can be quite helpful during the last few hectic days before the wedding. Brides can also stay on top of the latest news and trends in the wedding industry with Twitter feeds such as Knotties Get-Together and other social networks.

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Thanks Gail!

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