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Old Plantation House

I had a really good mango the other day which is a rarity since good mangoes are hard to find in the US. It made me think of home (Barbados) and all the flavors, colors, scents and sounds of the West Indies: fresh fruit, colorful flowers year-round, warm sun and cool breezes.

There’s definitely more to the Caribbean than beaches and palm trees. Rather than the typical island wedding, I figured I would share another side of island style. In this case, an elegant wedding in the lush gardens of an old plantation house.

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island wedding - tropical style

Photo Credits:
row 1: Tina Rupp, Leigh Miller
row 2: J. Crew, Chris Court via Wedding Style Guide, Martha Stewart
row 3: Alexandra Grablewski, Veer, Brides UK
row 4: Veer, Lisa Lefkowitz

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