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Wedding Soirée Tip No.2

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

During my career as a wedding consultant, I have seen my fair share of wedding photographs. Be sure to ask your photographer to show you the ‘detail shots’ of past weddings he/she has photographed because these are the images that will be most important when you look back at your wedding years later. Make sure you get a shot of your DIY favor boxes which caused many sleepless nights, or the guest book, perhaps even your grandmother’s handwriting or her special note.

Make sure these details are captured for your own memories but also keep in  mind that if you want your pictures published in a wedding magazine or on your favorite blog, it’s the stunning detail shots that will make the difference!

Thanks Gail!

I would have to agree – when it comes to weddings, love is definitely in the details. To inspire you, here’s a little roundup of a few lovely wedding details…

By the way, if you missed Gail’s tip last week, click here.

wedding details

Photo Credits:
row 1: Aruna B., Caroline Tran
row 2: Photography By Leah, Justin Bernhaut via Martha Stewart
row 3: Union Photo, Jen Curtis PhotographyJosef Isayo (planning by Bella Weddings & Events, flowers by Flowerwild)

10 thoughts on “Wedding Soirée Tip No.2

  1. Sarah J.

    Thanks for the tip! I didn’t think of it before but now I will definitely ask our photographer to take pictures of our favors, centerpieces, etc.

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