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Wedding Soirée Tip No.1

Wedding tips by Wedding Soiree

Gail Johnson with Wedding Soirée will be joining us every Tuesday for the next few weeks to share a few tips and tidbits from a planner’s perspective…

wedding planning tips: the budget

When planning your wedding, there should always be a budget – or at the very least, a number which will serve as a starting point. There is an old saying: “if you don’t know where you are going – no road will take you there.” The same holds true for the wedding budget.

The budget should be the first item on your to-do list before you book the venue or any vendors.  It is the roadmap to guide you to the best vendors in your price range. The rule of thumb should always be to set your sights on coming in under budget.

One thing to be aware of: a spiraling guest count can easily drain your wedding budget. It’s really important to keep your guest list under control!

Thanks Gail!

9 thoughts on “Wedding Soirée Tip No.1

  1. SJN

    I always tell my brides “on that day the only people you will really care about being there are those closest to you”.
    The other thing to cut costs is to keep the number in your wedding party down. You don’t realize at first how that adds to your bottom line, but as the bride and groom you have obligations to them too. And your floral budget will skyrocket!

  2. gia@betsywhite Post author

    Thanks for the tip SJN!

    I also wanted to add to Gail’s point about the spiraling guest count. On our end as stationers, we often see how a growing guest list can effect the budget. Couples will often order a certain number of invitations but without a firm grip on the guest count, will quickly run out of invites and need to order more.

    With most print techniques (other than digital printing), placing a new order for 25 or 50 more invitations can cost almost the same as ordering 100 (this is because it essentially costs the same to prepare files, mix inks, run the presses, etc. for 25 pieces as it does for 100). This unplanned expense can really impact a couple’s invitation budget…sometimes causing it to double!

    To avoid costly reprints, we often advise brides to order 25 more than they think they will need up front and definitely keep the guest under control.

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